Protecting forests in Malaysia from illegal activities

As a partner of the Satellite Applications Catapult led EASOS project Geocento was involved in forest protection initiatives in Malaysia where illegal logging is known to take place. PlanetScope imagery products were chosen as the most suitable source for monitoring purposes. Daily coverage is able to provide evidence of activity well within the interior of the forest, while monitoring shows the development of incursions from entry points into the forest. The resolution is sufficient to detect illegal logging sheds, and any additional detail can always be provided by the acquisition of very high-resolution imagery, or even radar imagery to detect vehicles and other infrastructure beneath cloud.

About EASOS:

EASOS is a platform designed to provide high value decision support to tackle country specific environmental, security, and human challenges. This platform uses a fusion of terrestrial and satellite data to address three environmental challenges: flooding, marine pollution and deforestation to reduce their social and economic impact.

Geocento takes active part in EASOS project, particularly in the development and management of Data Discovery Hub, enabling users to explore the data available in EASOS and from external catalogues and commercial data providers.

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