Critical habitat protection for wildlife with EarthImages

The African Wildlife Foundation uses the Geocento’s EarthImages platform and imagery services to access high-resolution data for land use assessment in relation to the viability of critical wildlife corridors.

Imagery has been provided for the Kariba Project the purpose of which is to protects almost 785,000 hectares of forests and wildlife on the southern shores of Lake Kariba, near the Zimbabwe-Zambia border. This area has been under severe pressure from neighboring communities in the face of economic and political turmoil. It connects four national parks and eight safari reserves, forming a giant biodiversity corridor that supports numerous vulnerable and endangered species – including the African elephant, lion, hippo, lappet-faced vulture and southern ground hornbill. As well as this, the project implements numerous community-focused initiatives.

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Protecting forests in Malaysia from illegal activities
As a partner of the Satellite Applications Catapult led EASOS project Geocento was involved in forest protection initiatives in Malaysia where illegal logging is known to take place...