Helping Hawai’i Land Trust to protect valuable lands of Hawaii

The Hawai’i Land Trust, founded in 2011, is a non-profit organisation established to “protect the lands that sustain us for current and future generations”. The organisation primarily works with landowners to protect important areas by restricting commercial or other development.
When the Land Stewardship Manager from the Hawai’i Land Trust got in contact with Geocento to request satellite imagery for his organisation, we were delighted to help.

The intended use of the imagery was to monitor activity on properties such as structure, roads and vegetation cover to protect public benefit conservation values. In addition to this, the imagery was used to enhance ability to enforce the conservation easement, especially on larger properties where monitoring by foot, ground or vehicle is very difficult due to terrain or vegetation cover.

Assisting owners who have a deep appreciation for the beauty and importance of their lands and ensuring long-term protection is a core value at the Hawaii Land Trust so we were privileged to be able to assist by providing suitable data to ensure this. With the broad range of high resolution satellites available, it is becoming increasingly possible to use remote sensing in the field of conservation, thus demonstrating the diverse nature of satellite imagery.
Photo: Maka‘alae Point, Waiohonu & Kākiʻo, Hāna, Maui protected by Hawai’i Land Trust
The Hawai’i Land Trust have been utilising our EarthImages NEO platform for 1 year already, since February 2021, to make over 60 imagery purchases! EarthImages NEO allows the Hawai’i Land Trust to define their area of interest, search for appropriate imagery, sign licenses, place orders and view deliveries quickly, all within their private account on the platform. EarthImages NEO is a credit-based system, which allows to “top-up” whenever you like and avoids spending time on multiple transactions, making the process as easy as possible.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Hawai’i Land Trust and assisting them with any future monitoring projects or imagery needs.
Photo: NUʻU Refuge protected by Hawai’i Land Trust
Photo: Papa‘ula (Spreckelsville), Wailuku Ahupua‘a protected by Hawai’i Land Trust

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