Watch out for NEO, our new version of EarthImages. We have listened to our users’ feedback and we are currently revamping our flagship application to extend our product offering and functionality.

Regarding our offering, in addition to catalogue imagery and tasking requests, we will be adding basemap and DEM support. We are also working on a new exciting coverage request service, which will make ordering new optical imagery a breeze.

In terms of functionality, we have added full resolution imagery streaming, i.e. the ability to view your ordered products directly in the browser! Beta users are currently already enjoying this feature. We are also working on adding in cloud processing, so you can generate analytics on your products directly from the web interface and download or share the results. Eventually, you’ll be able to add your own analytics and/or utilise 3rd party tools.

Last but by no means least, we’ll be making all these good things available directly from our EarthImages API. We are hoping to roll out our initial public release by Q3 2019.

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