Satellite Images for Nothing - Opera Production

Satellite Imagery can be used for a wide variety of applications. One application which is not frequently considered in the industry is its role in Media and Entertainment.

Satellite imagery has appeared in a number of Hollywood movies such as ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and ‘The Sum of All Fears’. It is frequently used for the scenes where the camera seamlessly zooms in from outer space and focuses on one city or building. However, despite evidence of satellite imagery in the film industry, it is rarely used in theatre, which is not surprising!

Geocento have recently provided the opera production, ‘Nothing’, with satellite imagery which will be included during its performance at the famous Glyndebourne theatre in Sussex, England on the 25th-27th February 2016.

The production team obtained imagery from SI Imaging (Kompsat-3), USGS (Landsat-7) and NASA (MODIS and their blue marble globe), to zoom from space into Aarhus, Denmark, where the story focuses. Such imagery can have a dramatic effect, and the beauty is that much of the imagery is freely available!

Please contact Geocento if you wish to use Satellite imagery for media purposes and we would be happy to help with your enquiry.



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