Launched in December 2015, TeLEOS-1 is Singapore’s first commercial Near Equatorial Orbit (NEqO) Earth Observation satellite. Operating at an altitude of 550 kilometres, TeLEOS-1 offers 1 metre high resolution satellite imagery with an average revisit time of 12 to 16 hours. This will enable decision makers and users convenient access to high temporal imagery and geospatial solutions to respond to time sensitive events, such as homeland security and border control, maritime situation awareness, and disaster monitoring and management around the equatorial belt.
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Parameter TeLEOS-1
Near Equatorial Orbit ~550km
Spectral Bands Panchromatic
Swath width 12km at nadir
Resolution 1m at nadir
Life Expectancy 5 Years
Imaging Opportunity Up to 6 daylight imaging opportunities per day
Revisit Time 12-16 hours
Max Viewing Angle ± 45 degrees off-nadir nominal
Slew Rate 2.5 degree/sec
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