SPOT-5 is part of the SPOT series which was decommissioned as of March 31, 2015. Launched on May 4, 2002, SPOT-5 produced nearly 13 years worth of earth imagery at a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 2.5m (Panchromatic). The satellite has also provided us with a long history of Multi-Spectral (MS) and Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) with a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 10m and 20m respectively.
Alone, this satellite offers a revisit time of just 2-3 days, but in conjunction with other SPOT satellites, this time reduces to less than 24 hours. This high revisit rate and spatial resolution enables SPOT-5 to be used for a multitude of applications ranging from natural disaster management to gas and oil exploration.
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Parameter SPOT-5
Orbit Altitude 822km
Spectral Bands Nine spectral bands (480-1750nm) with one panchromatic (5m), three visible (10m), one near-infrared (10m), one SWIR (20m) and four vegetation (1000m) bands
Swath Width 60km
Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 2.5 - 20
Launch/Life Expectancy 2002-2015
Revisit Time 2-3 days
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