Geocento announces partnership with pixxel

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with Pixxel to provide cost-effective access to high-resolution hyperspectral imagery.

Pixxel's satellite. Credit:
The users will be able to order new hyperspectral imagery products via our EarthImages platform, once they become commercially available. Please, contact us for more details.

Pixxel's satellites are uniquely designed to beam down data in hundreds of wavelengths to detect problems that are currently invisible from space. With 5-meter spatial resolution and ~400 spectral bands, the new analytics-ready imagery and derived geospatial products will unlock a vast variety of use cases in agriculture, forestry, environment, mining, energy and other markets.

In the coming months, Pixxel plans to launch the first satellite ‘Anand’, and further deploy a constellation of 36-satellites by the end of 2023. The constellation will enable global coverage at a revisit of every 24 hours, when fully deployed.