Geocento are pleased to welcome CG Satellite to their growing list of imagery providers.

Chang Guang Satellite Technology is a leading commercial satellite manufacturer, operator and luminous satellite imagery provider. Founded on December 1st, 2014, CG Satellite have been building on their remote sensing services utilising their Jinlin-1 constellation.

The Jinlin-1 constellation was successfully launched on October 7th 2015 and now consists of 12 satellites providing information services for the defence, agriculture, forestry, environmental, and urban planning industries. With 12 in-orbit satellites CG are able to provide:

– Spatial Panchromatic resolution up to 0.72m.

– Two revisits over any point on earth each day.

Night-time imagery from Jinlin-1 is applicable for social and economic parameters reckoning, urbanisation process monitoring,oil and gas information exploitation and ecological and environmental assessment. Specifically, it can be used to estimate gross national product, population distribution, energy consumption and poverty.  Additionally, it can provide valuable information with regards to the evolution and spatial structure of cities and is key in the production of light pollution assessments.

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