A year ago we decided to make our EarthImages services available through a public API.


As some of you will know, EarthImages allows you to find and order satellite imagery from a wide range of suppliers. This is particularly useful to compare the different offers available and check the capability of the different satellites and suppliers. This is what we are exposing today with our API.


It turns out having a public API allows you to handle a whole bunch of new user cases.


Extreme searches


As many features as EarthImages may have, it cannot cover the full spectrum of user cases. Having an API allows you to do some really elaborate stuff.


For example, we had a request for imagery over stadium at the time of a sporting event. The customer sent us a list of 400+ stadium and dates all over the world. Of course, it is just not practical to add as many AoIs in EarthImages, not mentioning the dates.



Enters the API (and a bit of scripting).


A couple of hours later, we had the script running and got all existing catalogue imagery matching the events. We exported and packaged the results and sent it to the customer. Et voila, a happy customer!


Other scripting opportunities:


– finding imagery with boats given their trajectory. As our API can look both in the past and the future, we are also able to tell you the theoretical acquisition opportunities for an area too.


– working out suitable InSAR stacks for an AoI and a time frame


Speaking of which…


Building innovative feasibility interfaces



As explained in a previous blog, teaming up with Nhazca, we built an InSAR feasibility tool. This tool helps InSAR customers quickly assess the likelihood of getting an InSAR product for their AoI and period of interest.


The web client was built by Geocento, leveraging the EarthImages API to retrieve existing and suitable imagery. The stack identification script was written by Serena Moretto from Nhazca. Scripting is done in javascript and easy and quick to learn. You can test your scripting skills using the grouping tool of EarthImages (more on this later on).


Other feasibility applications coming up soon:

– Maritime surveillance scenarios – finding the next surveillance opportunities based on future theoretical acquisitions (thanks to our web-enabled mission planning software from Taitus software) and getting initial price estimates


Providing tools to partner image resellers



Last but not least, following our mantra of making imagery accessible, we are providing our own EarthImages capabilities to partner image resellers. We have been recently contracted by CloudEO to provide an EarthImages-like tool for their CloudEO store. The application runs on their server, together with their customer information, orders and pricing policies. It can also be configured to match their brand.




The API is currently focused on finding imagery, including pricing, but we will soon be releasing the ordering and delivery API. This will allow users to streamline the complete workflow and integrate seamlessly the satellite imagery procurement into their business process.


These were just a few user cases for our API. The EO industry is full of surprises. Please let us know if you have an application in mind. We love hearing (and solving) interesting problems!



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