Introducing a super resolution product from geosat-2

A new super resolution product has been recently announced by our partner, GEOSAT. Now users can take advantage of 40-cm data generated from GEOSAT-2 satellite imagery with the use of artificial intelligence.

The technique applied for the novel product creation increases native 75-cm resolution and details of GEOSAT-2 images without losing quality with respect to the original product. Artificial intelligence fills and smoothes out irregularities much better than any other type of resampling, which in turn increases the number of applications derived from it.

The super resolution product features an advanced machine learning model trained on a large data set of GEOSAT-2, allowing the resolution of the images to be intelligently expanded, while keeping the edges clean and preserving important details.

In addition, users can be provided with a fast and powerful solution backed by a system, capable of recalculating hundreds of square kilometers in a short period of time.

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