Geocento: 10 years of making imagery accessible

Geocento's tenth birthday provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the fact that we are one of the 4% of businesses that make it to this milestone!

Our mission then, as now, was to make imagery accessible, based on the founders' frustrating experiences as users of imagery. When we started, we had more technical ideas than market experience, but this is not uncommon for technology start-ups and we didn't let that stop us! Our first initiative was to aggregate imagery from the range of suppliers and present this through our one stop shop platform, EarthImages, which we believe was the first such "supplier agnostic" platform in the market. We were then able to fund ourselves, and additional platform developments, by customising and licensing this technology to other space organisations.

In late 2015, we moved to the next phase of the business by putting together a number of agreements with image suppliers and offering imagery to markets through EarthImages. It is at this point that we began to rapidly make up for our lack of earlier market experience! While image sales and image sales grew, we became aware that the pure aggregation approach was not as scalable as it should be, and so we recently embarked on the latest phase of our business, which is to consolidate imagery provision, which is where our EarthImages-on-Demand and EarthImages for Enterprises platforms come in.

Consolidation can be defined as "the action or process of combining a number of things into a single more effective or coherent whole", and in the context of imaging covers features like licensing, pricing and ordering. In parallel, we keep ourselves grounded in customer experience through feedback, improving our technology and services to make access to imagery as easy as possibly for everyone who relies on Geocento!

We would like to say thank you to all our speakers for their insightful presentations, and everyone who sent their best wishes and joined the event to celebrate our birthday with us!

If you couldn't make it, but would like to learn more about us, through our team, clients and partners, and their success stories with Geocento, we are happy to share slide decks. Please, do get in touch with our team!
On 1st December 2021, we celebrated our tenth birthday. For the first time, we organised an exclusive hybrid offline and online event to share such an important milestone with our clients, partners and friends. We took the opportunity to look back at our company’s journey, whilst hearing about an impressive range of industry activities and plans, updates of bespoke platform technology and solutions and the sharing of success stories with Geocento.