June saw the announcement that a new 1.6m resolution product specially designed for smart and precision agriculture with artificial intelligence was released by GEOSAT!

This is a significant development from Geosat-2 satellite performed with the enhanced resolution of multispectral bands. With the unique super-resolution techniques the native 3-meter resolution is converted into 1.6 m whilst maintaining radiometric quality of the product. As proof of that, such a considerable improvement has received validation by the Coordinated Quality Control (CQC) of ESA products.

Below you can see a comparison of sample images of the same fruit production field in Colombia from Sentinel-2 and new product derived from Geosat-2 demonstrating its capabilities.

Sample 1. Sentinel-2, 10m
© 2022. European Space Agency

Sample 2. Geosat-2 super-resolution agro product, 1.6m
© 2022. GEOSAT

The Geosat-2 super-resolution agro product is to provide valuable insights to a vast range of clients from farmers and cooperatives, and water management authorities to food processing companies, demonstrating its versatility. The customers can benefit from 2-day revisit time and value-added products which allow crop health indices calculations such as NDVI, CVI and GNDVI.

Please, contact Geocento if you would like to get more details and request this product. To find out more about the diverse range in which satellite imagery can be used in agriculture, be sure to visit our dedicated page to explore the benefits available to you.