Our clients collectively cover a wide range of applications of imaging, but one of the most unexpected for us is that of monitoring herring spawn along the west coast of Canada. In early spring, tens of thousands of tonnes of herring migrate from offshore to nearshore habitats to spawn in one of nature’s most spectacular […]

  With the rise of high resolution satellites, it is becoming increasingly possible to use remote sensing in the field of conservation. High resolution imagery can be used to track deforestation, habitat change, illegal activities, and wildlife population change.

An important task for Geocento in acting as an independent provider of satellite imagery has been in helping users to navigate some of the complexities of ordering imagery.

Satellite imagery were used for Hurricane tracking

Figure: NASA/NOAA GOES Project (19, OCT 2015) This past week, satellite imagery were used for Hurricane tracking, and proving its importance within meteorology. Hurricane Olaf is located in the East Pacific and has strengthened to a major hurricane.

Free satellite imagery to help migrating birds survive from Alaska and Canada to Central and South America

Figure: Landsat-7 image (courtesy of USGS/NASA) showing wetlands in the northern Central Valley, California. There is a growing quantity of free imagery that can be extremely useful, for example in environmental projects. One such project, called BirdReturns, is using Landsat free satellite imagery to help migrating birds survive, supported by citizen science and conservation groups, […]